The Best Health Clubs in Toronto

Escape the 9 to 5 grind by discovering the Cambridge Group of Clubs. Found in the heart of the Financial District, these clubs offer an urban oasis to Toronto’s executives.

The Cambridge Club offers a rooftop track overlooking the iconic City Hall. Featuring a licensed bar with private parties, the club hosts wine tastings, single malt tastings, as well as tournaments for squash, tennis, golf and backgammon.

The Adelaide Club delivers world-class hospitality for over 35 years. Tucked away in First Canadian Place, the facility boasts state of the art equipment and accredited professionals in a variety of disciplines and fields.

The Toronto Athletic Club offers a penthouse location complete with an exquisite restaurant, Stratus. “The Club Above” completed a $3 million restoration and features an unbelievable view of the CN Tower.

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