Bay Adelaide Centre


Welcome to Blowfish

In 2011 Blowfish opened their second location in the heart of Toronto’s business district. Blowfish on Bay is situated at the corner of Bay and Temperance Streets behind the historic National Building façade of the Bay Adelaide Centre.

Once again, architect Johnson Chou infuses old with new through the use of bronze and dark woods to create a glamorous but stately space bringing a sense of sophisticated cool from behind this historic façade.

As with our King Street location the crux of the design is the interiors ability to transform from a classic dining environment to a chic lounge atmosphere with an energetic vibe in the later evening; at once exciting and intimate.

Mirroring this fusion of old with new, classic with modern, traditional with contemporary, the menu, wine and sake lists combine Japanese and Pan-Pacific with European and North American tastes. Featuring a brilliant combination of innovative gourmet sushi, complimented by a menu of hot and cold plates for sharing, these seemingly far flung influences and selections come together seamlessly in a memorable dining experience.