Char No. 5

75 Lower Simcoe Street


Are you the risk taker and adventure seeker of your group? Do you prefer something a little more exclusive? Tucked away in a more private location, Char No.5 provides a pure Canadian whisky experience, the first of its kind in Toronto. Come for the whisky stay for the experience.

Whether you take your whisky straight up, or on the rocks; prefer it creamy, dark, grassy, harsh, herbal, austere or rich – we’ve got you covered. Once you begin tasting whisky, you will notice a variety of flavors and mouthfeels. Don’t worry, we are mixing up some serious whisky cocktails like our Spiced Pear or a Classic Manhattan, you are sure to find one you love with gentle, subtle notes that will keep you warm, rather than giving you a shivery aftershock.

You love what you hear, the right music surrounds you and as you pull up a seat at the bar where the knowledgeable bartender takes you back to the 1920’s with stories of prohibition and the birth of Canadian whisky. Your imagination is engaged and you are intrigued; you shiver with anticipation. You glance at the back bar to see the finest bottles of whisky that Canada has to offer – are you going to sip it or shoot it?