Cleveland Clinic Canada is part of a global, non-profit healthcare system that has provided world class care to patients since 1921. Located in downtown Toronto, at the corner of Bay and Wellington streets, Cleveland Clinic Canada specializes in the areas of disease prevention, injury rehabilitation and sports performance.

Founded on the Cleveland Clinic principle of Patients First, we work hard every day to make our patients and their care our number one priority. We use a preventive, multi-disciplinary model of care that empowers our patients to take control of their health. From advanced diagnostic technology, to evidence-based treatment protocols, to personalized care, we provide patients with innovative solutions to improve their overall health.

We offer both OHIP and non-OHIP services to help Canadians live their healthiest, most active lives. When a challenging medical situation arises, we work with our patients to provide treatment options using our global team of 3,500 physicians and specialists.

For more information about our services and programs, please visit or call 416.507.6600 to begin your world class healthcare experience at Cleveland Clinic Canada.

Our Services

Executive Health
Sports medicine consultations (OHIP covered)
Orthopaedic consultations (OHIP covered)
PRP and stem cell injections
Cardiology (OHIP covered)
Dermatology (OHIP covered)
Chiropractic care
Massage therapy (RMT)

Weight and lifestyle management
Personal Training Plus
Clinical Pilates
Running program
Nutritional counselling
Psychology counselling
Exercise physiology
Care navigation to our facilities outside of Canada


Are you injured or in pain?
We offer same day appointments with many of our rehab providers. Call 416.507.6717 to find out more.

Take charge of your health:
Our Executive Health Program is a 6 hour head-to-toe evaluation that will give you peace of mind you just can’t get anywhere else.