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Welcome To Hatamian Dentistry

At our dental office, we are committed to providing excellent dental care in a comfortable and relaxed setting. We provide comprehensive dental services while considering the unique needs of each individual patient. We take the time to learn about your specific concerns so we can create an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs.

With research increasingly showing a clear link between oral hygiene and your overall health, we focus on helping you develop good oral care habits so you can enjoy optimal dental and physical health. We provide services for patients of all ages, from young children experiencing their first dental visit to teens, adults and seniors.

Hatamian Dentistry is currently welcoming new patients and we invite you to contact us for your next appointment.


Fantastic dentist: friendly, informative, on time. Dr. Hatamian is outstanding not only in his dentistry, but in his personal manner. Atmosphere is great. The staff are also very professional and respectful. I highly recommend Hatamian Dentistry!
Ida R., Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Hatamian and his team helped me cope with my fear and anxiety during my dental visit. I hadn’t been to a dentist for a long time, and after my initial visit, I regained my confidence and will go back on a regular basis.
Dan P., Oakville, Ontario

I never had such a thorough dental exam before coming to Hatamian Dentistry. Dr. H. took his time to educate me about my own mouth and teeth. I did not feel rushed and it was amazing to see inside my mouth with the special little camera they have in their office. It’s so true that “A picture is worth a thousand words”! I would refer my friends and family.
Nicole P., Toronto, Ontario

As a team of progressively minded dental professionals, we strive to help our patients recognize that their oral health is an important part of their overall systemic health. We offer comprehensive dental services including:

Preventive dentistry:

With an emphasis on education such as proper and effective brushing and flossing, cavity and gum disease prevention, professional cleaning, polishing, and sealants.

Restorative dentistry:

Restoring existing teeth with fillings, crowns, root canals, etc. and also restoring missing teeth with options such as bridges, dental implants, and fixed and removable dentures.

Cosmetic dentistry:

Including professional in-office Zoom whitening, take-home whitening packages, porcelain veneer placement, implants, and referral to appropriate orthodontic practices when necessary.

Children’s dentistry:

Providing all aspects of dental care to children of all ages including check ups, cleaning, fillings, and oral hygiene education in a relaxed and friendly environment that encourages children to learn early about their oral health.

Dental surgery:

Such as tooth extraction and gum treatment.

Sedation dentistry:

Including nitrous oxide and oral sedation or a combination of both to help anxious patients relax.

Emergency services:

Including appropriate referrals, to address your dental emergencies both during our office hours and after.