Manhattan’s Handmade Burgers in Bay Adelaide Centre! Now serving breakfast!

Our Motto

Our aim is not only to offer a selection of exquisite burgers as a quick and convenient option, but we strive to earn out customers loyalty by consistently exceeding their expectations for uncompromising product, customer service and professional conduct.

When we speak of “gourmet” burgers, we don’t use the term loosely. Our burgers are piled high with unique and delicious toppings like beef eater onion rings, potato chips, guacamole, tzatziki, grilled vegetables, crisp bacon, various cheeses… (and the list goes on).

What separates our beef from the rest of the herd?

Everyone keeps asking what is the secret ingredient we use for our delicious burgers, our answer is “nothing”. All other burger joints and fast food restaurants use regular ground beef (containing up to 30% fat), preservatives and fillers (not even natural beef but imitation meat). We use only the finest 100% Canada AAA beef to prepare our hand-made patties. We strictly use Lean Ground beef with half the fat content of the regular grind that still taste amazing. No fillers, no preservatives, just natural 100% lean ground beef, fresh, never frozen.

Unlike the rest, in a good way

How is this possible you ask? It’s simple when you’re a family owned and operated company. Manhattans is unique in that we operate at a much more cost efficient level then other large franchises with major overhead costs. This enables us to sell the highest quality foods as very affordable prices.