Mucho Burrito

Bay Adelaide Centre




We are a FRESH Mexican grill. It starts with REAL FOOD, FRESH FOOD. Free of preservatives or artificial flavours. The Mayans never used MSG so why should we? It`s REAL FOOD made by hand, right in front of you. Like our ALL-NATURAL SALSAS or our GUACAMOLE MADE FRESH DAILY.

Real FRESH MEXICAN FOOD you love to share with your FAMILIA or AMIGOS (that`s family and friends, in case you`re really weak at Spanish). This is our MUCHO PROMISE TO YOU.


Mucho Burrito, Fresh Mexican Grill, is Canada’s largest chain of premium fast-casual Mexican restaurants and a wholly owned subsidiary of MTY Group (MTY.TO) (, one of Canada’s leading restaurant hospitality food companies. Since its inception in 2006 Mucho Burrito has been committed to delivering mucho customer satisfaction by creating authentic Mexican-inspired food that lives up to their promise: Fresh Mexican Grill. Mucho Burrito only serves food that is mucho real and mucho fresh, made by hand, right in front of their guests’ eyes, using only the freshest ingredients, free of artificial flavours and preservatives. With the launch of the ‘Real Food Manifesto’ in 2013, Mucho Burrito continues to raise the bar in the fast-casual dining category. Today there are over 75 Mucho Burrito locations across North America, and they’re currently expanding to bring their real Mexican food revolution to the United Kingdom. For more information