The Preeners

Bay Adelaide Centre



Founded in 1977, The Preeners Custom Fabricare is one of Toronto’s premier dry cleaning and laundry services with six locations in and around the downtown core and a full processing plant in the city’s west end. The Preeners currently serves approximately 7000 satisfied clients, and still growing.

2007 marked The Preeners Custom Fabricare’s 30th anniversary of providing quality service to downtown’s business community. The anniversary was marked by the Globe and Mail’s R.O.B. publication acknowledging The Preeners Custom Fabricare for being “the Best on Bay St”.

The Preeners Custom Fabricare is a proudly owned and operated family business, spanning three generations. Over the last eight years the business has continued to grow with three more locations (bringing the total to 6 locations) and have expanded processing capabilities by relocating the plant to a 10,000 square foot facility in Toronto’s west end.

Currently, negotiations are in progress for 3 more locations in the downtown core which are expected to open within the next year. The intent of The Preeners Custom Fabricare is to be operating fifteen locations and their plant by the end of 2014.