Off The PATH

Feeling adventurous?

Get rewarded with SmoothPay by visiting these

fine locations just off the PATH!

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From Rick’s Cafe to Don’t Call Me Cupcake, the Toronto-based application has numerous locations in Kensington Market. Toronto Popcorn Co serves 30 unique flavours of popcorn like maple bacon and piña colada. Spend $36 get $4 and receive $4 off your first purchase with SmoothPay at this popcorn place. Visit this multicultural neighbourhood and get rewarded with SmoothPay!

SmoothPay has a ton of great ways to get rewarded on Yonge Street. Big Slice Pizza serves gigantic pizzas at a small price. Use SmoothPay to get rewarded $2 when you spend $35 on these delectable pies. Stop by Big Moe’s Burgers and experience daily specials like the Juicy Lucy. This infamous burger turns the cheeseburger inside out – literally! Spend $50 get $2.50 and receive $2 off your purchase. Don’t forget to check out 10 Dundas East right beside Dundas Square and awaken your senses to Curry & Co. Spend $40 on their spicy specialties and get $6 using SmoothPay.

Don’t forget to check out historical Yorkville. Discover Café Moi and sip hand-crafted espressos. Enjoy $2 when you spend $30 at this caffeine haunt. Sandwich Box is connected to this caffeination destination. Enjoy $4 when you spend $60 on their gourmet sandwiches. Be sure to stop by Café Iris and Caffe Bacio right around the corner!

Including Magic Oven and Union Juice, there are a ton of great merchants just off the PATH! Get rewarded using SmoothPay – the app that pays you! Our mobile payment and loyalty app is available for free download on iPhone or Android!