Simpson Tower


The Simpson Tower, located at 401 Bay Street, is the 38th-tallest building in Toronto. Completed in 1968 by architect John B. Parkin, as the headquarters of the Simpsons department store company, it has 33 floors and is 144 m (472 ft) high. In 1978, as part of a corporate takeover, the Simpson Tower became the property of the Hudson’s Bay Company. The building today remains the head office of HBC and also houses the head office of subsidiaries Hudson’s Bay and Home Outfitters. It is adjacent to the historic Simpsons store at Yonge and Queen, which includes Arcadian Court. Today the store is the flagship for Hudson’s Bay, is integrated with the Eaton Centre across Queen Street, and is the home of Toronto’s comprehensive health centre.

In January 2014, Hudson’s Bay Company announced it would sell the tower and adjacent store to Cadillac Fairview and lease the site for 25 years.